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NEXconnex : Our Best Selling All-In-One Medical Software Solution for Healthcare Practices

Used nationwide by providers of all sizes and specialties, NEXconnex is the most complete and trusted health clinic management application on the market.

Connect Your Business

Our NEXconnex Medical Software can help you manage your entire business from end to end. Work smarter by cutting out all of the redundancies required of managing multiple systems.

NEXconnex all in one

Is NEXconnex Right For My Practice?

NEXconnex is the perfect choice for medical clinics, physician practices, group practices, rural health clinics, autism centers, and many more.

When it comes to meeting your needs, our flexible and intuitive design puts you in control.

Nexsyis for your practice, no matter the type

Professional Customer Service

Never get caught sitting on hold in a queue again. Get live support when you need it in the way that serves you best.

Our #1 concern is YOU

Let Us Take Care Of Web Hosting

Save time and money with NEXconnex software with our web hosting services. Spend your valuable dollars on growing your business and leave managing your data to our professionals. Our secure servers are based locally and your data is secure and backed up daily to prevent any loss of data. This reduces your need to spend heavily on IT services and allows you to allocate those dollars to growing your business.

ICSA Lab Certified

NEXconnex is certified by independent 3rd party vendor ICSA Labs. You have peace of mind that NEXconnex delivers top quality software, rigorously tested by healthcare and IT professionals.

Certified ICSA

What’s Inside NEXconnex?

NEXconnex has been loaded with practical features and reports that you need to run your business like a business .

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Built the old fashioned way, one client at a time!

NEXconnex is loaded with useful, functional options that allow users to quickly and easily manage the scheduling and billing of their practice. But that’s not all, when you use NEXconnex you will also get the most amazing customer support in the industry!

  • The expert customer service you need
  • Constant software updates added with new features
  • Advanced All-In-One software to easily customize your practice
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Amazing Tools And Templates To Build Your Own Personalized Management Software

  • Fully customizable so the information you need will always be there for you.
  • Advanced appointment scheduling supports multi-step appointments for multiple resources.
  • Efficient user interface increases productivity and reduces training time.
  • Our powerful template tool allows you to create templates that are exactly like the paper forms you use today.
  • Attach follow-up and distribution tasks to documents to ensure proper review and sign-off.

  • Use our query-builder screens to create and save custom queries with drill-down to the underlying records.
  • The best customer service available in the market.
  • Join the thousands of other NEXconnex using providers and see why everyone loves NEXconnex!

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